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Racquel was raised in Brooklyn, New York. 

After graduation from Duke she taught high school Chemistry in Atlanta. During this time she founded The Early Bird College Preparatory program and supported freshmen and sophomores in starting their application process early. She matriculated at The University of Rochester where she earned her M.S.E in Biomedical Engineering. After graduating from The University of Rochester, she transitioned into innovative medical device development where she programmed implantable devices for pain management and heart failure.

Meet Racquel- DO NOT USE: About Me

As the only Black woman in her graduating class to complete the engineering program at both Duke University for her BSE and years later at The University of Rochester for her MSE, Racquel knows the power of education and the hard work it takes to achieve academic success. Majoring in Biomedical Engineering, she knows what it takes to complete an application to an elite institution and how a degree can catapult your career. 

Most importantly, she has witnessed the barriers to getting into and through a degree in STEM. She has experienced isolation and frustration and navigated the silos of information. 

Racquel is on a mission to change that. 

After 4 years in the biomedical field, she decided to return to her first passion--teaching— and accepted a position as the Atlanta Founding Director for a non-profit college access program for three years. She has worked as an educational consultant within charter and public schools in New York City and Greater Atlanta Area. She has trained teachers and worked with students in multiple school districts nationwide and has consulted students on college access in multiple countries. Her students have over 500 college acceptances in the continental US alone.  Racquel recently returned back to the Tech industry as a Senior Solutions Consultant at Zendesk on their pre-sales team.

She lives with her husband in College Park-Atlanta, Georgia. While her professional journey continues to propel her forward, she has met with a common personal struggle to start a family with her husband.  This journey of infertility has pushed her towards elevating her voice, unabashedly sharing her story, promoting self-advocacy, and creating space for others to step into the light and share their own journey. 

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Meet Racquel- DO NOT USE: About Me
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